Representation at police station

What happens at the police station is often more important to the outcome of the case, than what occurs in the courtroom.

For this reason, representation at the Police Station is often the foundation that underpins any criminal case. Therefore, it is vital to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer from the outset.

Anyone detained at a police station is entitled to be represented by a solicitor of their choice.

If you, a friend or a relative are detained at a police station then contact us immediately so that we can assist in your case from day one.

We can be contacted on our 24 hour arrest defence line on 07517 350 033. Our arrest defence team consists of experienced lawyers who are trained specifically to ensure due process and all procedures are followed at the Police Station correctly, such as:

  1. Obtaining disclosure from the Police (evidence against you)
  2. Examining the Custody record to ensure Police Station procedures have been followed properly
  3. Obtaining your instructions and advising you accordingly
  4. Providing expert advice on Police interview
  5. Advising you post interview on the next steps

We will represent you at the interviews effectively and without delay.

Although Aubrey Solicitors are in London, we can arrange for representation throughout the UK. Our 24 hour service can be contacted out of hours on 07517 350 033.