Deportation and removal

Our combined experience in Immigration, Criminal and Human Rights law puts us at the forefront of defending deportation and removal cases.

If you, a friend, or a family member is facing deportation or removal from the UK, it is likely that time will be against you and any action needs to be prompt. Such action impinges on personal liberty, human rights, and impacts on family life, particularly, where the deportation of a person will have an impact on British or non-British qualifying children in the UK.

We have built a reputation with our experience to act swiftly following through with robust representations with the relevant authorities in deportation and removal cases.

Many of our clients face deportation and or removal after serving their prison sentence or when in detention. At this restricted time of liberty, they are informed by the UKBA that a deportation or removal order has been issued or is being considered.

There are potentially 3 phases in the deportation process, but cases progress rapidly, with tight deadlines often happening at weekends, giving a client very limited time to act. Please call us on our 24 hour service number at 07517 350 033 for urgent assistance.